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Elcomsoft Phone Breaker - Forensic Edition

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Perform logical and over-the-air acquisition of iOS devices, break into encrypted backups, obtain and analyze backups, synchronized data and passwords from Apple iCloud.

Break passwords and decrypt iOS backups with GPU acceleration

Decrypt iCloud Keychain and Messages with media files and documents from iCloud

Obtain synchronized data from Apple and Microsoft accounts

Download iCloud backups and synced data with or without Apple ID password

Supports: local iOS backups (iTunes); iCloud and iCloud Drive backups; iCloud synced data (call logs, photos, browsing history etc.) Microsoft Account (with valid authentication credentials); iCloud authentication tokens.


EPB Forensic has all the features of EPPB Professional, plus able to decrypt BlackBerry 10 backups (if password to BlackBerry ID is known), supports Apple accounts with two-step verification enabled, can log in into Apple account using authentication token (extracted from Windows or Mac) instead of Apple ID and password, and is able to download extra data from iCloud (not just backups).

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