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Recently included in the StegoHunt package is the additional analysis tools, StegoAnalyst™ and StegoBreak™. With this full suite of technologies, investigators, corporate auditors, incident responders, breach teams and data leak prevention users are able to quickly identify if steganography is present in active cases or in the work environment.



·Quickly identify if steganography is present in your investigations by scanning for over 1,000 data hiding threat applications using Fibonacci search methods (desktop applications, smart mobile device apps, server-based apps, source code)

·Identify suspect carrier files that otherwise go undetected (program artifacts, program signatures, statistical anomalies)

·Generate case specific reports for management or court presentation

·Operational discovery modes (directory, drive, archives, drive image, network path, live machine)


StegoAnalyst: (Now Included)

·Provide deep analysis for detected images and audio files of suspect nature.

·Utilize the file viewing panel which displays the individual file (image, audio, wave, and the file attributes including image details, DCT coefficients and color pairs) allowing for a complete analysis of identified carriers.

·Various filter options for further presentation and analysis to include Least Significant Bit (LSB's) of specific colors

·Searchable HEX utility available for potential carrier file analysis


StegoBreak: (Now Included)

·Quickly and easily crack and extract payloads from carrier files with a simple point and click interface

·Enjoy the popular password dictionaries included in order to execute a dictionary attack

·Easily bring in other dictionaries as well as create your own to expand your dictionary attacks.



·>200 MB's / sec on well-equipped platforms

·OS Support (GUI + CMD Line)

·Windows XP - 8;32 and 64 bit

·Electronic Software Download (ESD)      



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